Business Cards (Foiled)

Business Cards (Foiled)

Business cards breakdown

Our business cards are available in 85 x 55mm. These can be printed on either matte card or satin. Full colour prints allow you to make the most of the card with your design.

Foiling Process

Artwork setup
Artwork that needs foiling - needs to be setup in black and as an individual PDF ready for print. Colour artwork also needs to be setup as an individual PDF ready for print

Standard Foiling
• Print foiled artwork in Black
• Foil over black print

Foil and Colour Print
• Print foiled artwork in black
• Foil over black print
• Then over print in CYMK (colour print)

Colour Print, Laminating and Foiling
• Print colour artwork first (CYMK)
• Apply Soft Touch Laminate over colour print
• Overprint in black (foiled artwork)
• Then foil over black print

Paper Stock - for print and foiling
Canon - Top Colour Zero - 300/350gsm
The Top Colour Zero paper provides a consistent solid image when foiled. For best results use this product!